Topics for the third in-class essay;

The assignment sheet for the third and final in class essay is available here.

In an unusual coincidence, today on Fresh Air NPR aired a piece titled “Personhood in the Womb: A Constitutional Question.” I wasn’t able to listen to the entire piece, but what I did hear suggested that it was an intelligent, reasonable discussion of some of the questions we’ve been considering. If the topic remains of interest to you, you might find it worth your while to listen to the program and/or read the transcript.

Film: Girl Rising

On Wednesday, December 4, there will be an on-campus screening of the film Girl Rising. If you have time available that day, it will be worth your while.

The screening is being co-sponsored by BAVO, Campus Ministry, and She’s the First. The event will be held in Vander Vennet Theatre and will begin at 4:45 with a pizza supper; girls from the ages of 9 – 13 who participate in the Boys and Girls Club will also be attending.

Career Night reminder

Just a reminder:

The Political Science department will hold its annual Career Night at 6:00 pm on Wednesday, November 6, in Spes Unica 335. This is a good opportunity to learn about post-graduation possibilities for those pursuing a Political Science degree. Don’t miss it!

Changed due dates

I’ve slightly modified the due dates for three of the remaining assignments for the course. The following are all now due slightly later than originally scheduled:

  • Op-Ed #2: now due Monday, November 4
  • Article review: now due Monday, November 11
  • Annotated bibliography: now due Monday, November 18

These changes are reflected in the course calendar. If you’ve subscribed to it in your own Google calendar, your calendar will update automatically.

Looking ahead

Hopefully you’re all enjoying fall break!

If you’re looking ahead at the calendar, you’ll note that three of the four student-selected topics have been set (foreign policy, health care, and abortion), though I haven’t yet settled on readings. I’ve made these selections based on the information you provided me earlier in the semester.

You’ll also note that the fourth student-selected topic has not yet been set. That’s for two reasons. First, the three topics mentioned above may take longer than we originally planned. Second, I want to be sure we have sufficient time to continue working together on writing and on portfolio building. We’ll see how things develop over the next several weeks; if time allows, we can still consider a fourth topic.