Monthly Archives: April 2013


Welcome to the Political Issues course! This is the course site for the Fall 2013 class.

This particular version of the course is listed as POSC151W, which means that, in addition to providing you with the opportunity to explore a variety of political issues, it’s intended to assist you in developing the writing skills you’ll need throughout your college career and beyond; it’s part of the Writing Proficiency Program at Saint Mary’s College.

More specific information about the course will begin appearing here as the start of the semester approaches. I can, however, answer one of the most common questions I tend to get in advance of the semester: What about books?

I will likely recommend a few books that you may find helpful as good writing resources. When I decide on a few, I’ll list them here on the site. However, there are no books that are required for this course, and none that we’ll all use together in class.

Enjoy the rest of the summer. I look forward to meeting you in August!

Amy Cavender, CSC
Department of Political ScienceĀ