No, you’re not seeing things . . .

. . . and the site isn’t broken.

I’m just tinkering a bit to try to get it to display better on mobile devices. All the information is still here (though some of the information that was in the sidebar may end up located at the bottom of the page).

If the calendar widget disappears (and it might have to, because it might be the culprit causing things not to display correctly on phones and tablets), just remember that the full calendar is accessible under the syllabus menu. Also remember that you can always just subscribe to the class calendar in your own Google Calendar, and then you’ll always be up to date. 🙂

One thought on “No, you’re not seeing things . . .

  1. acavender

    Update: The calendar sidebar widget was indeed the culprit. Those of you who may be trying to access the site from a mobile device should now find that it displays much better.


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