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Topics for the third in-class essay;

The assignment sheet for the third and final in class essay is available here.

In an unusual coincidence, today on Fresh Air NPR aired a piece titled “Personhood in the Womb: A Constitutional Question.” I wasn’t able to listen to the entire piece, but what I did hear suggested that it was an intelligent, reasonable discussion of some of the questions we’ve been considering. If the topic remains of interest to you, you might find it worth your while to listen to the program and/or read the transcript.

Changed due dates

I’ve slightly modified the due dates for three of the remaining assignments for the course. The following are all now due slightly later than originally scheduled:

  • Op-Ed #2: now due Monday, November 4
  • Article review: now due Monday, November 11
  • Annotated bibliography: now due Monday, November 18

These changes are reflected in the course calendar. If you’ve subscribed to it in your own Google calendar, your calendar will update automatically.

The prompt for Friday’s in-class essay

The prompt:

Referencing at least two (you may use all three, if you wish) of the three news reports we read about Prime Minister Netanyahu’s speech to the U.N. General Assembly, explore the differing ways in which the reporters approach the story.

You may not write your essay ahead of time. You may, however, bring one sheet of paper with a brief outline of your thesis and key points.

If you are typing your essay in class, you must do all of your writing in Google Documents. Do not write your essay in Word and then upload it to Google Documents.

If you are writing your essay by hand, you must type your essay — exactly as you wrote it — in Google Documents prior to class time on Monday. You will also need to give me your blue book in class on Monday.

When paraphrasing or quoting one of the articles in your essay, be sure to indicate which article your material comes from. You may refer to the articles by the publications in which they appeared or by the names of the reporters who filed them.

Please include the following at the end of your essay:

Works Cited

Lederer, Edith M. 2013. “Netanyahu: Israel Won’t Let Iran Get Nuclear Arms.” The Associated Press. October 1.

Sengupta, Somini, and Rick Gladstone. 2013. “Israeli Leader Excoriates New President of Iran.” The New York Times, October 1, sec. World / Middle East.

Solomon, Jay, and Carol E. Lee. 2013. “Netanyahu, in U.N. Speech, Assails Iran’s New President.” Wall Street Journal, October 1.